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Henlo Frens! 

Our smol brand is inspired by Bear the puppy and his very best fren, Hugs Bunny. Two real life buddies who had many adventures together. Their special friendship is captured in the Bear Hugs book, which is a story about kindness and empathy towards others. 

What started out as the hope to bring one children’s book to the world, has grown into a brand that is building on the joyful experience of smol things that can be cherished furever. The Japanese philosophy of ‘omoiyari ; being kind & considerate towards others is at the heart of everything we do. 

As a brand started by a woman, we are committed to supporting women artists & makers in creating that delightful experience of receiving a Bear Hugs package.

We work with women artists from South Korea, Japan, U.K, U.S , Romania & Spain to create thoughtfully designed and mindfully made products. 

Our toys and ornaments are Fair Trade products made by women artisans in Peru, Nepal & India. 

The hoomin behind our brand is Tanya Mitra (née Tanya Gyani) a designer who has created products for Pottery Barn, Target and other International Retailers. She has written and illustrated the Bear Hugs book and can usually be found petting a dog. 

We want to spread a million smiles and bring smol joys to you through our books, art, toys and pawsonalizable products. 

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