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The Omoiyari Project

 The Japanese word ‘Omoiyari’ roughly translates to “acting towards others with kindness and a warm heart”.

The word embodies the feeling of empathy and compassion, and is used to teach children in Japan to be gentle even in thought towards others.

The Omoiyari Project is at the core of the Bear Hugs philosophy. 

From the messaging in the book, to the Fair Trade products we source, our charitable initiatives and ‘random acts of kindness’ are all guided by the idea of  empathy and kindness.

February 2020 : Random Acts of Kindness - gifted books on behalf of others to someone having a ruff time. 

March 2020 : Hasbro Children’s Hospital : Books donated to patients in the oncology ward

April 2020 : “No Kid Hungry” 1 Bear Hugs Book = 10 Meal