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The Bear Hugs Book


Inspired by the true story of love and friendship between Bear the puppy and Hugs the bunny

This heartwarming tale is told through actual photographs of Bear & Hugs and illustrations that were inspired by their interactions. 

This book is about kindness & empathy towards others. 

The story : Bear is looking for his super power and Hugs bunny helps him discover what it is.

Bear has an innate ability to empathize with another’s situation and treat them with kindness & affection. He is guided by these inherent qualities when he meets animals along his journey and makes them feel cared for, lessens their despair and uplifts them.

His superpower is that he is empathetic, warm and considerate towards others.

In Japanese, there is one word for it “omoiyari”, and that is the philosophy behind everything Bear Hugs 



Customer Reviews

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Sandra Rose

I purchased the as a Christmas present , the book is beautiful and the story is heartwarming.

The presentation of book is equally beautiful and the personalization is amazing. I highly recommend purchasing the book

Kellie Sweat
Great title

Adorable & sweet, a definite treasure

Emma Ayres
Done Us Smol Delight

We loved our Bear Hugs book! Seeing Cub and Bear on your Instagram stories always makes our day so when we discovered there was a book we had to order it! We love reading it and looking at the pictures! The package that came in the mail was beautiful and made us smile! Thank you for the “smol delight” that will last forever! The day we got the book was the best day since yesterday! -Jonathan and Emma Ayres


The Bear Hugs Book

Sally Leibfried

The Bear Hugs Book

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