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Wooden Toys


These Montessori style, hand carved puppy & bunny toys are based on my illustrations of Bear & Hugs bunny, which draw inspiration from their real life interactions.
The journey from the illustration to finding a woman artist who could create them, led me to a smol wood workshop on the banks of the Ural River. Daria, the lady who runs the workshop started making toys when she became a mother. She wanted to create pieces for her children out of natural materials that are non toxic and child safe and integrates aspects of Waldorf education.  

Each piece is handmade in this workshop with loving little details to bring you a “smol delight”.
Hope you love these gems 

Ages 3+

*Each piece is hand painted, hand carved and has natural wood grain so your piece might have slight variations in grain and tone. 


Customer Reviews

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Alli Land
Product was beautiful. Presentation made it over the top!

Oh my goodness! I just opened my package and I’m SO pleased! Everything about it, the wrapping, the note, the unexpected ornament, the “smol delight” tape, made my day. Such beautiful, thoughtful presentation and it brought me, not a smol, a HUGE delight! This is definitely the best day since yesterday!! Thank you so much!

Meaghan H.

The wooden toys are so adorable. The quality is amazing. I feel happy when I look at it!

The most darling toys and ornaments

Just opened our beautifully packaged Puppy & Bunny items and we’re delighted! The wee wooden toys are charming and so nicely made, and the Christmas ornaments are perfect. Could not be happier.

Wonderful gifts

Wow!! The gifts are amazing and exactly as the pictures show! The detail put into the items and their wrapping just make it even more special! Even the outside of the box detail (and the international shipping label didn’t remove the design either when carefully removed!). Wonderful find for a present that links with our pet names and love of Bear and Mighty Smol (and Cub) stories! Definitely doing a smol delight!

Kelly Pullen

Perfect!! We have a puppy and a bunny in our house these represent our pets beautifully while also reminding us of Bear and Mighty. Thank for the smol delights✨

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